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Review of 2013

Another full and varied year for exhibitions at the Turrill Garden. We began with a new collaboration between the Turrill and the Old Fire Station Arts Centre in a bid to encourage young sculptors to show their work. Their sculptor in residence, Jack Eden, agreed to do a site specific show for us and came up with the ingenious idea of 'Aperture' whereby his pieces with their 6" x 4" photo-inspired apertures focused the viewer on the garden beyond. It helped light up the chillier months of the year.

Our Artweeks exhibition had a strong contingent of fine local sculptors, all of whom have shown with us before but brought inspired new pieces to the garden. We are keen to add new names to our lists for next year too so do encourage any good sculptors you know to apply to us.

Artweeks was followed by another 'first'. As 'Sylvansmiths' - Nigel Williams' metal work and Ed Elliott's wooden sculptures showed together but also included a collaborative piece showing how creative juices can be set going by the opportunity the garden offers to pairs of sculptors.

Our great Summer Exhibition nearly didn't happen when sculptor Eve Shepherd rang from Brighton with the anxious news that she was pregnant and therefore unlikely to be able to handle the additional work load and then the heavy lifting involved in bringing her sculptures to the Turrill. We were so fortunate to have the support of Jonathan Hood and his firm Cadogan Tate Fine Art Services, who raced to the rescue and did everything involved in transport and delivery so her beautiful exhibition lit up the garden throughout the summer.

We were disappointed when the Oxford Sculptors Group decided that they would not be able to show with us this autumn but it did prove what a wonderfully loyal group of sculptors we have when with only two weeks notice we were able to turn this round to produce a fine Autumn/Winter Exhibition which will go through to February. Do look at it with a special gift in mind for Christmas. It may turn out to be one of those presents that lasts a lifetime in terms of pleasure and lift to a garden.

Apart from the exceptional support from Jonathan Hood and Cadogan Tate we have also benefited this year by sponsorship from The Cherwell Boathouse, who paid for our year's exhibition leaflets and the Oxford Wine Cafe who generously donated wine for the Sylvansmith's private view. The Venables family, (whose Mother and Aunt were the Turrill sisters) have continued with their immense generosity in helping to support the garden maintenance and we know how much the pleasure of the garden itself is really appreciated by all those who enjoy it regularly and what a summer we have had to take advantage of it!

If you have a Facebook site or use Twitter do keep an eye on ours as we are continually updating it with news and it is a great way to spread the word about the Turrill's existence. We even have supporters abroad now. We also add to the South Parade Facebook news so that is also worth following. Look out too for our exciting programme for next year which will be printed on the general leaflet that will be left on the Friend's desk or email to request an electronic copy.