Welcome to the Friends of  the Turrill Sculpture Garden page









Summertown 2000 was started in 1998 to raise funds to build a local public sculpture garden behind Summertown Library in South Parade.  This was achieved in May 2000 when the Turrill Garden was opened thanks to the support of many generous local donors and especially the Venables family of Shepherd and Woodward.   Now we continue to support the garden maintenance and publicise the existence of the garden and the exhibitions in it. 


The Society changed its name to the Friends of the Turrill Sculpture Garden in November 2004 and always welcomes new individual contacts and the support of Corporate members. For Corporate Members  £250.00 is a suggested minimum fee and in turn we will do our best to spread word of their support for all we do for the local community and to encourage the arts.


Friends and contacts are invited to any private views that are held for exhibitions and receive the annual Newsletter.

If you have been a Friend for 3 months or more you will be entitled to a 10% discount on any sculpture purchases under £500 and 5% on any over £500.


The following are currently the Committee of the Friends of the Turrill Sculpture Garden, click on the live links to send e-mails


Rachel Gallagher Chairman

Katherine Shock Secretary and Sculpture Co-ordinator


James Gallagher Treasurer

Ollie Faulk - Assistant Sculpture Intern

Helen Morton

David Abramson


Glenda Abramson