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Volunteers Week 2022

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This week is Volunteers Week and we would like to take the opportunity to give ourselves a big pat on the back! From 1st through until 7th June volunteers up and down the country are recognised for the fantastic work they do to help others, keep services open and support charities and businesses across a wide spectrum of our daily lives. Without volunteers, the fabric of our society could potentially collapse.

Here at The Turrill Sculpture Garden, all administration work is undertaken by unpaid voluntary staff; from the more obvious selection and curating of the sculptors and their work, to the finances, leaflet drops, running our private views, marketing… the list goes on. There are no paid staff members, so all of the joys the garden brings are provided by our team giving up discretionary time to make sure everything runs smoothly

One person we don’t normally include in our list of staff is Summertown Library Manager, Caroline Ising, who so often stays behind after hours to help us with access to the garden, for guests attending events, and she even helped by heating the mulled wine for our Christmas gathering last December! Of all our volunteers, Caroline is the one we are most grateful to, going well above and beyond the call of duty, time and time again. She doesn’t get paid overtime by the library, so all the extra hours she stays behind are given up freely and we are very grateful to her for that.

Thank you Caroline, and thank you to all our volunteer staff at the Turrill Sculpture Garden!

Blog by Peter Baird

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