Oxfordshire Artweeks Sculpture Exhibition 2019

Past Events

'Trilogy' by Louise Allison, Chris Beckett and David Williams  August/September 2021

Trilogy poster 9 FINAL.jpg

'Heads and Tales' by Louise Allison and David Williams  June/July 2021

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'Contemporary Classics' by Christine Baxter Summer 2020

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'Winter/Spring Exhibitions 2019/20 and 20/21

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'Reinvention' The Treasures of Recycled Sculpture 2019


'Hidden in the Stone' - Martin Cash and Piotr Gargas 2019


Video made by Wojtek Lubowieki

about this show here.

Video by Rachel Trafford shown here

Lucy Kinsella Sculpture 2019


Oxfordshire Artweeks Sculpture Exhibition 2019

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'Head First' work of students from Sunningwell School of Art - 2019

Head First.jpeg

'I See' by Rolf Hook - 2018

I see Rolf hook 123.jpg
'The Art of Movement' - Kinetic
Scupture by Richard Cresswell - 2018
'Yellow' Spring Show 2018
'Spiders, Creepers and Cobwebs - Autumn Show 2017
'The Art of Nature' - Metal Sculpure by Diccon Dadey 2017
'Figure it Out' -students of Sunningwell Art School 2017
Christmast/Winter Exhibition 2016/17  2017/18 2018/19
turrill poster- winter 2017.jpg
'Inner Dimensions' by Tomasz Koclega 2016
'Heavy Metal'? 2016
'Earth, Spirits, Ghosts and Magic' by Matt Smart 2016
'The Form of Intelligence' by Toma Nenov 2016
'Forming' - a Sculpture Collective 2015

Tinei Mashaya Exhibition 2015

Artweeks 2015/2016/2017/18 Exhibitions


Andrew Thompson Exhibition  2015

Wild Side 2014
Feathering their Nests - 2014
Audio Clip of Ian Marlow interview - Ian Marlow interviewed by Stuart Mabbutt
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Audio clip of Neil Henderson interview - Neil Henderson interviewed by Stuart Mabbutt
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The Fused Garden by Amanda Noble 2014
Wild and Arcane by Ama Menec  2014
Audio clip of Ama Menec interview - Ama Menec interview by Stuart Mabbutt
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Autumn/Winter Exhibition 2013/14
Eve Shepherd 2013
 Silvansmiths - Nigel Williams and Ed Elliott 2013
Aperture by Jack Eden 2013
Sundials in Summertown 2012
Oxfordshire Craft Guild 2012
Penny Hardy 2011
Charlotte Mayer and Johannes von Stumm 2011
Artweeks Exhibitions 2010-14
Ash Dearling, Elliott and Fox 2011
Lost in Stone - Ablitt, Bohl and Boning 2011
Christmas/Winter Exhibitions 2010-13
Cookie Scottorn 2010
Group of Four - Jennifer Lowe, Deborah Stuart-Davies, Anne Hogben, Kirsteen Holuj 2010