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Sculptors exhibiting in the Turrill Garden

The sculpture exhibitions held throughout the year in  the Turrill Garden present opportunities to see (and buy) a range of sculptures displayed to their best in a garden setting. The work ranges from pieces by established international sculptors to displays by local schools and colleges. 

There is usually also an exhibition  organized to coincide with Oxfordshire Artweeks showing specifically Oxfordshire sculptors. Opening hours are those of Summertown Library


To find out more about the sculptures (or to discuss the possibility of exhibiting your sculptures) e-mail the Sculpture Coordinator who is happy to show buyers and sculptors round the garden.

To apply to show your work in the garden please download this application form.

Many of the sculptors who have exhibited in the garden are listed on the Sculptors sub pages under their speciality with contact details and information about their work.  Click on the names in the lists on each page to go straight to their entries. Alternatively, if you know the name of a sculptor but not their style click on the search box above.

The sculptors are sorted approximately by their subject matters as follows: 

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