Heads and Tales Exhibition
by Louise Allison and David Williams
5th June - 24th July

Our first Summer Exhibition of 2021 features the work of two sculptors who have not shown with us before.  Louise Allison’s figurative clay sculpture are full of vitality and expression and her portraits and caricatures inhabit the garden in a whimsical contrast to David Williams’ stone carving.  David is inspired by the Oxfordshire countryside and the individual stones themselves. His strong feeling for form and response to each piece of stone achieve unique creations that will settle well into any garden. 
The catalogue below shows much of this exhibition. You can click bottom right to go to full screen and click escape to return.
Further below you will find videos of Louise Allison and David Williams talking about their work.


Turrill FINAL 4.jpg

Future Exhibitions for 2021

31 July - 18 September - Watch this space - 

25 September - 20 November - 'Footfall' an Exhibition by

       the Students of Radley College

27 November - 26 February 2022 - Christmas Selling Exhibition