From 28 July sculpture by

Christine Baxter  for her 'Contemporary Classics'

exhibition is on show.

Images and details are available below and purchases can be made by contacting Christine or 07763 465638

The full exhibition will run from 28th August - 7 November 2020


Artweeks Special 20th Anniversary Virtual Exhibition - details and images can still be found online via the Oxfordshire Artweeks website

15 of our past Oxfordshire exhibitors have come together to  celebrate our anniversary with new works in stone, metal, glass and ceramics but for this year can be found on the Oxfordshire Artweeks website gallery here and here. Each has a photo of their work to give you a taster of what they do, but do get in touch with them directly if you want to see more of their individual work on their own websites.


Those participating were:

Anne Arlidge, Pam Armitage, Judith Berbger, Cathie Binnie, Martin Cash, Harriet Coleridge, Sally Dorrity,Piotr Gargas, Julie Grose, Jane Hanson, Beatrice Hoffman, Briony Lawson,

Vital Peeters, Marie Shepherd and Wendy Newhofer