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Anne Arlidge, Contemporary Glass Society, Oxfordshire Craft Guild



Form colour, function; for house and garden; blown, cut, cast and polished.  Working with recycled Dartington glass my pieces range from a cast Scotch Bonnet ( about 4 cm long) to a 6 metre sculpture.


Prices are from £20.00 to several thousand.

Visitors to my workshop are welcome.


Phone 01491 574580




Anne Arlidge

Pam Armitage,Oxfordshire Craft Guild


Jewellery through to abstract pieces.

Material: Glass

Prices: From £10 - £100 +

Studio visits and commissions welcome. Fused glass, bowls, sculptures.


Wytham Street, Oxford

01865 424699





Pam Armitage

Chris Beckett Cotswold Sculptors Association


Garden sculptures, wall panels, free-standing window panels, bowls, mushrooms

Scale 15cm - 2 metres

Materials: Art Glass, recycled glass, blacksmitt made metal frames and stakes and oak bases

Prices: £15.00 - £500.00   

Studio visits and commissions welcome. 

Stroud, Glouc.

Telephone: 07918507857




Fan CB.jpg
Chris Beckett
Judith Berger

Judith Berger, Oxfordshire Craft Guild


Wide range of Glass for the House and Garden.

Indoor and Garden: Wall panels, bowls, dishes, and freestanding structures

Scale 15cm - 48 cm

Materials: Fused glass fired in electric kiln

Prices: £25.00 - £150.00   

Visitors welcome.   Commissions accepted


Oxford, Oxfordshire

Telephone: 01864 512952




Michael Berger, Associate, Oxfordshire Craft Guild



Fused glass – contemporary design; abstracts, geometric designs, birds and fruit, flowers – for use and display

Dishes, bowls, coasters, pictures, free-standing objects

and jewellery, various sizes, shapes and colours

Sizes from 10cm to 25cm plus.

Materials: Primarily glass of various colours, kiln fused

and formed.

Prices: Vary from £7- £80  

Commissions undertaken


Summertown, Oxford



Michael Berger

Wendy Newhofer, Society of Designer Craftsmen, OCG


Elegant glass for house and garden;

Scale 60 cm – 160 cm

Materials ; kilnformed glass framed with steel

Prices £85 - £700



Oxford, Oxfordshire







Wendy Newhofer

Vital Peeters


Architectural and decorative glass for public and private buildings, stone, clay sculptures and drawings

Garden: Glass for metal frames, stone sculptures, tree hangings, etc

Scale: any size

Materials: Glass

Prices: £80.00 - £800.00   Visitors welcome


Oxford, Oxfordshire

Tel:01865 5112761

Vital Peeters

Pip Stacey

Bullseye glass fused into beautiful forms

Materials: Glass and steel

Prices: £10- £450

I work mainly on commissions - private artwork, leaving presents, wedding presents and company trophies.  I also run workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and full days on Saturdays.  Studio visitors are always welcome, call beforehand to make sure I am in.


Marcham, Oxfordshire

Tel:01865 392183     07977460919

Pip Stacey
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