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Affordable, Unusual and Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

Our Christmas exhibition is now well and truly up and running, featuring some of our most popular past exhibitors. The show runs through until Spring, but be sure to visit us soon sin

ce we have many pieces aimed at the Christmas market; affordable, unusual and unique. As a Christmas present, what could be better than a piece of art that will last for years, serving as a reminder of your thoughtfulness and generosity, at Christmas 2022?

The group of sculptures on display by:

Chris Beckett - Drawing inspiration from the forms and structures in the natural world, Chris creates unique and original glass garden sculptures and installations.

Red Spiral by Chris Beckett

Steve Bicknell - Self-taught sculptor working in steel & concrete, bronze editions and ceramic sculptures. Steve has exhibited Internationally in Madrid, Paris and Rome as well as throughout the UK.

Ceramic Forms by Steve Bicknell

Harriet Coleridge - Having developed her pottery skills in the USA, Harriet returned to the UK in 2001 and established a successful studio in Oxfordshire

Sally Dorrity – Makes hand-built stoneware pots, using either crank or black clays to create small, medium and large pieces, both functional and sculptural.

Bird Bath by Sally Dorrity

Bruce Garside – The last apprentince blacksmith to be trained in the Hambledon Village forge and has been working in metal for over 30 years.

Elaine Gorton - Owner of Crackpot in Louth, Lincs, Elaine runs sculpture, jewellery and life-drawing workshops

Wendy Newhofer - Since her first taste of creating formed glass over 20 years ago Wendy has pursued her love of glass sculpture. Her work includes glass sculptures, glass drawings and beautiful pebbles

Each of our contributors has carefully curated pieces that not only look perfect in a garden setting but which typify their style and showcase their creative talent!

Please visit the Garden in good time for a touch of Christmas shopping.

Details of prices and how to purchase pieces can be found on the Sculpture lists available by the back door of the Library.

Blog by Peter Baird. Photos by Katherine Shock

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