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An Alphabet Walk in Turrill Sculpture Garden

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A recent survey we conducted with visitors to the Turrill Sculpture Garden pointed incontrovertibly to the peace and tranquility of the garden and how much our patrons value the “oasis of calm”, as many people put it. We can therefore conclude that mental well-being can be restored and stress alleviated by communing with our natural world. So why not take advantage of our garden to connect with nature, using all of your senses to engage and build a positive attitude to the world around us?

To help introduce you to this idea, we are delighted to welcome local personalities William Mankelow and Stuart 'The Wildman' Mabbutt, to guide you on an Alphabet Walk around the garden on Sunday 3rd October at 10.30-12.

William is an Oxford based photographer who examines his surroundings from a different perspective, William Mankelow (@shotatanangle) and Stuart runs nature sensory stress and pain management workshops, as well as writing and presenting wildlife radio show, “Going Wild With Wildlife” and he is also developing some academic research with Oxford University, into the benefits of nature on the human body. Wildman Inspires

With over 8 years working collaboratively together, William and Stuart have built up a rapport, seamlessly working together, to bring you a very unique experience.

For more information and to book tickets please follow this link:

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