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Cheerful and Rosy Cheeked to the sounds of Carols

Photos, Video and text by Peter Baird

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like mulled wine, mince pies, carols and fairy lights!

On Saturday 4th December the heady aroma of hot wine-soaked oranges, cinnamon and cloves wafting through the garden and the airs of the Oxford Trinity Choir’s recording of traditional carols greeted our winter exhibition sculptors and other Friends of the Turrill, as they entered into the twinkling world of the garden at Christmas. And there, to greet them were home made mince pies and seasonal cookies, fresh from the oven!

As a beginning to the festive season, and after long months of Covid-induced concerns and enforced solitude, this was a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together in amongst the lovely collection of this year’s winter exhibition. And although the snug library was available to those who were feeling the nip in the air, everybody preferred to be outside, as the December breeze gently fanned lights and music, while the warm spiced cocktail kept the conversations and the guests cheerful and rosy cheeked.

This was a celebration of human spirit that has prevailed through another challenging year. The garden remains a peaceful and trusted friend to the local community and to the wider Oxfordshire public.

We would like to add a huge thank you to Caroline, from the #SummertownLibrary for the help she gave us on the evening, and another big thank you each to Felicity and Katherine for the mince pies and mulled wine!

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