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Classically elegant porcelain

by Peter Baird.

Harriet Coleridge of the Ewelme Pottery has exhibited at the Turrill on a number of occasions and we are delighted to welcome her back for our Winter Exhibition! From small shot pots to tall elegant jars, Harriet’s stoneware and porcelain are designed to be used and enjoyed. Although we are only able to display a small selection of her work, what you see in our show exemplifies the beautiful creativity and skill that won her membership of the Craft Potters Association in 2021.

Harriet’s most recent project has taken her to the Oxford Anagama kilns in Wytham Woods where she collaborated in 2 firings of the kilns, to create pieces for an exhibition to be held in the Japanese Embassy, London in early 2022.

As well as her beautifully decorated pots, Harriet also shows us some of her ringing pebbles, and, her favourite piece in this year’s show is the slumbering Micha, a friendly black cat who, if you are not careful, you may sit on!

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