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Creating something greater than the sum of its parts

Here at The Turrill Sculpture Garden, we believe in working with other relevant organisations to extend our reach into the community and support their similar ambitions.

For example, we recently successfully joined forces with our close neighbours Sarah Wiseman Gallery and The North Wall in a tri-party event that neatly intertwined our individual programmes into one concentrated visitor experience in an event we called “Art Late”, a collaboration of the three main artistic venues in South Parade, Summertown. We expect to repeat the collaboration with these partners later this year, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, we have agreed to combine resources with a relatively new Community Interest Company “art-sauce” based in Hertford St, East Oxford. This special “not-for-profit” company exists to benefit the community; running courses, workshops, demonstrations and events for artists, from experimental drawing classes, life drawing and textile art to artists’ talks and group discussions.

We will soon announce two events taking place in August, which will use our space in The Turrill to run art activities, bookable through the art-sauce website, as we develop our cooperative vision to utilise our beautiful space in new and exciting ways.

Art-sauce is also home to The Warehouse Art School (WAS), a One Year Developing Fine Art Practice Course which is about to enter its 10th year of existence. WAS offers an affordable alternative to formal Higher Education courses within a structured yet responsive course structure.

art-sauce has agreed to help promote The Turrill to their subscribers, by issuing a specially written information bulletin, and they are happy to display our exhibition announcements in their studio space.

We are keen on the idea of not-for-profit organisations like art-sauce and The Turrill supporting each other, to find wider audiences and appeal for what we do, and we hope that you will take time to visit their website and explore the growing range of events and courses they offer.

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