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How Sculpture has enhanced my Garden by Felicity Wood

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Over the years I have bought several pieces from Turrill Garden exhibitions. All were very modestly priced and all feel ‘just right’ in my small, quite jungly, garden space.

The two White Fans by Wendy Newhofer look very at home against a background of ferns. I learned that the white lozenge shapes had been cut from a thin film of tin and then sandwiched between two sheets of window glass. When fired, the tin colour turns to white. WENDY NEWHOFER - Home

My Temptation Apple is suspended from a pergola structure. I met the maker, Anne Arlidge, at the exhibition opening. She told me how she rents a ‘hot shop’ so that she can roll the molten glass…first the apple-green centre and then the clear glass. Assenden Glass (

Three glass discs made by Amanda Noble hang from an Indian bean tree - Catalpa. Each is made from two or three layers of fused glass. Their particular greens and blues were chosen to complement the tree’s lime-green leaves. The Fused Garden - Glass art for the garden and home

Lastly, I have three stainless-steel Rudbeckia flowers by Mike Bigland. These look splendid all year round and are especially good during the winter when most plants have died down. Home | Mysite (

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