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Introducing Two of Our Winter Exhibition Sculptors

Blog by Peter Baird

We welcome Michele Greene of the Bicester Sculpture Group and Oxford Sculptors who is exhibiting with us for the first time. Michele spent her childhood surrounded by her mother’s sculptures, and although at school she developed an enthusiasm for ceramics, sculpture always remained a strong interest.

Having trained as an occupational therapist in Oxford and worked in the health service for many years, Michele also trained as an art therapist and worked locally as an art teacher.

Michele’s inspiration comes from her life experiences, images that she sees, news items...

Some of her pieces at this exhibition are animal studies inspired by the wildlife where she lives, for example “The Rabbit Family” and the “Barn Owl”.

She is also interested in the human form and face. “Broken Mask” explores the relationship between our inner world and how we feel, and the mask that we choose to show to the outer world and the difficulties this can pose - hence the mask is incomplete.

Her favourite piece here is “Man in the Wilderness”. This small seated figure has cut himself off from society to contemplate his faith. Only by detaching himself can he see clearly. In his wild existence and oneness with nature he has himself become like a tree.

Michele has recently expanded her creative activity learning about textiles and making stained glass- but always returns to sculpture.

Chris Beckett makes a welcome return for our Winter exhibition. She tells us that she really wants to create works of art that make one stop and contemplate, like “Be The Change” which refers to the adage ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world.’ So to aim to live positively and make changes in your own life before expecting them of others. The colours are representations of some of the attributes needed - Red for courage, strength and generosity. blue for wisdom, intellect and trust and gold for a desire to improve, purpose and cooperation.

Chris has just joined a local group of artists called the Rodborough collective in order to nurture strong connections with other artists in her home community who share similar values.

They held their first weekend selling exhibition on 27th and 28th November in Rodborough, Stroud.

Looking beyond the Winter/Christmas Exhibition at the Turrill Sculpture Garden, Chris has been commissioned by a local couple who would like a window that depicts the butterflies and insects that come to visit their garden, and she is also eagerly anticipating being Artist in Residence at Newark Park National Trust in Gloucestershire in 2022.

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