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Job done! Summer Successfully “Fusioned” into Autumn

We wish to thank our outgoing sculptors, Bruce Garside, Wilbur Heynes and Christopher Townsend for supporting us with their magnificent works for the last two months. Our Autumn exhibition, “Fusion” came to an end this weekend and it has been a privilege to enjoy the large impressive metalworks installed around the garden. Their stature and forms were gradually revealed ever more strikingly as the season changed from balmy late Summer to cooler windier Autumn. Leaves and small branches fell to expose the metallic artworks in their stark beauty, and more than once we had to pick up and “replant” some of Christopher's leaves, as art imitated real life during some of the more blustery days!

So, as we pull down the shutters on “Fusion” we prepare for our Christmas/Winter Exhibition which will feature the works of several more local artists, all carefully curated to present an exciting temptation of gift ideas. More details to follow!


Finally, a date for your diary. We repeat our hugely enjoyable mulled wine and mince pie Christmas reception on Saturday 3rd December 4.00-5.30pm. Keep your diaries clear and your “mince pies” peeled for more details!

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