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Louise Allison tells of her Reclining Female Nude and The Journalist

“Reclining Female Nude” is a favourite of mine because the model was a lovely, smiley, warm and friendly person, who really lit up the studio. When sculpting from life, you do spend a lot of time with the models and inevitably you learn a good deal about each other’s circumstances. I won’t go into details why, but this lady is remarkable and I really admire her attitude to the challenges that she has faced in her life. I spray painted her with car paint and then polished her up to give her the finished patina, which I think works rather well.

“The Journalist” I made this chap during lockdown, from a set of photos specially taken for sculptors to work from by Jake Spicer of @drawbrighton and jakespicer - Artwork ( The model was wearing a blue and white stripey t-shirt and I wanted to put a cool shirt and tie on him instead. When I finished, I thought he looks like a journalist, hence his title, but I have no idea what the model actually does… maybe he IS a Journalist! Wouldn’t that be something!

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