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Love is in the Air

Spring is (very nearly) here, the sap is rising and are you struggling to think of something different, yet still romantic to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day? The traditional bunch of roses is a lovely gift of course and what lady would not be delighted to receive one on a day that is marked globally as the day to shower your loved one with flowers, chocolates, cards, jewellery and romantic meals? But many countries celebrate Valentine’s at different times of the year, and in different ways, so why not do something a little different this year and give your lover the gift of sculpture?

In the Turrill Sculpture Garden we have a variety of sweet little gems that would make perfect gifts for anybody. From a cute Dutch Couple to Temptation Apples (Original Sin? Adam and Eve – there is a love connection!) As well as lovely cute bunny rabbits, birds and vases (To put the roses in!) Prices for the current pieces on show start at just £12.50 and many of the items are very affordable, even on a tight budget.

However, if you still prefer to give flowers, then you could choose something a little different, like snowdrops, craved by Danish ladies on Valentine’s, or orchids, the preference of Peruvians. Or why not go really wild and choose flowers that convey your own wishes and desires on the universal day of love? There are plenty of possibilities from sweet innocent Victorian meanings: red tulips (I declare my love), red carnations (my heart aches for you) or white lilies (my love is pure) to more lusty options: flame lilies (passion) or hooker’s lips (no explanation needed!)*

Whatever you decide, have a super romantic Valentine’s Day!

*We can’t guarantee you’ll find any of these flowers in the shops, but it may be worth asking!

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