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Oxford Open Doors - 2022

by Peter Baird

The Oxford Preservation Trust has created a firm favourite in the “Oxford Open Doors” annual weekend, during which members of the public can visit parts of the city that are normally closed to visitors. These include heritage, cultural and iconic buildings, offering the opportunity to explore the beautiful character of Oxford’s finest old structures. The weekend also encourages contemporary venues to open their doors, and we at The Turrill Sculpture Garden have become regular participants in the event.

This year, we welcomed nearly 100 visitors on Saturday 10th September into the garden, and they were greeted with the new exhibition, “Fusion” featuring the works of 3 local sculptors: Bruce Garside, Christopher Townsend and Wilbur Heynes.

Wilbur kindly joined us to talk about his steel man, inspired, he explained, by Bernini’s Neptune at the V&A. Every metal line in the sculpture represents genuine musculature and he was delighted when an Oxford surgeon complimented him on its accuracy.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to see it, and all of the fantastic sculptures on

display this Autumn which will be at the Turrill until 5th November.

Our new bench, which was also delivered this week, has been kindly donated by Julia Beese in memory of her parents who loved Summertown, the library and the arts. Along with our recent addition, the Fern seat, it offers a welcome resting place for our appreciative visitors.

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