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The generosity of our local community

The Turrill Sculpture Garden first opened in 2000 and in its 21-year history has relied on volunteers and donations not only to keep it going, but to develop and flourish. The volunteers have helped to organise numerous public and private events over the years, and the donations from kind individuals as well as local businesses, go towards the professional upkeep of the garden.

The latest donation of a beautiful teak bench was made by Helen Morton, who is also one of the volunteers. As well as giving up her time to ensure the finances of the garden are kept in order, Helen has a growing collection of sculptures in her garden as well – some of which were bought from Turrill Sculpture exhibitions.

Kathy Shock and Ollie Faulk shown here, made sure the bench was built and placed in a lovely corner of the garden, for the peaceful enjoyment of all visitors.

Over the coming months, work will start on renovating some of the other benches, and a spruce up of the inscriptions in the patio is also planned.

Next time you visit the garden, do take a moment to notice some of the permanent elements of the garden such as the fountain, benches and inscriptions in the paving as well as the splendid greenery and sculptures. All of these have been donated over the years by local friends and supporters.

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