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The Turrill joins the Oxford Preservation Trust 'Open Doors' Event on 11th September

The coming weeks will see some interesting and exciting events at The Turrill Sculpture Garden. First date for the diary is next Saturday 11th September, when we will participate in the Oxford Preservation Trust Open Doors weekend. Oxford Open Doors is a weekend which celebrates Oxford’s heritage and culture by inviting the public and the Trust’s members into the colleges, university buildings and green spaces together with a range of the City’s other varied and hidden heritage.

We are delighted that all three of our current exhibiting sculptors will demonstrate their art in the Garden between 09.30 and 16.00 on 11th. Visitors can watch and learn how these wonderful artists create their stunning work. David Williams will reveal his stone carving techniques with an insight into how that ancient skill continues to flourish and excite in the 21st Century. Louise Allison will show how she creates her clay figures, a wonderful opportunity for children and adults to be inspired about an art form they could develop for themselves. And Chris Beckett will demonstrate the art of glass fusion, which is completed by joining of sheets of glass together in a kiln until the glass fuses. The result is a colourful, dynamic work of glass art that is completely unique.

More information about the Open Doors event at Turrill and around Oxford can be found by following this link Oxford Preservation Trust | The Turrill Sculpture Garden

Please find the time to join us on Saturday 11th September and make our Open Door a huge success! Our close neighbours, The North Wall Arts Centre will also participate, so why not have a day out in South Parade Oxford Preservation Trust | North Wall - web site: The North Wall, Oxford

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