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Three Cheers – It’s “Art Late”!

Make a deal with yourself and visit South Parade in Summertown on Tuesday 10th May between 6pm and 8pm to enjoy not just one artistic treat, but three, all in the space of a few metres!

“Art Late” is a collaboration of the three main artistic venues in South Parade; Sarah Wiseman Gallery, The North Wall and The Turrill Sculpture Garden. All three will keep their doors open for evening viewing of their current exhibitions and for us at The Turrill, we have doubled-up this treat by launching our new Spring Exhibition, featuring the delightful works of Ian Marlow.

Ian, a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, is based in Somerset where he draws his inspiration from nature to create beautiful stainless steel, glass and bronze pieces.

We will welcome you to the launch with a glass of fizz and the opportunity to meet Ian in person, before wandering through the Garden and marvelling at the stunning pieces he has brought with him.

This is an opportunity too good to miss, so join us at The Turrill Sculpture Garden, Tuesday 10th at 6pm. Remember good things come in threes!

Blog by Peter Baird

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