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En Plein Air – A Triumph!

It was a very relaxing Sunday afternoon, with the gentle sounds of tennis wafting over the wall, mixing with birdsong and soft jazz music.

Our open-air life drawing event drew in (pun intended) an enthusiastic and talented group of artists

from as far afield as Henley, as well as other parts of Oxfordshire, all gathered to enjoy the unique experience of drawing from the model in an outdoor setting,

The temperature was a pleasant 22 degrees, a gentle breeze played through the leaves, and the cheeky squirrels watched as Fran, our model, held poses of varying lengths, with Ian Marlow’s wonderful steel sculptures framing the scene.

If you have never tried life drawing outside, we recommend it highly, and it’s not too late to find out why it’s such an exhilarating and rewarding experience. We are running a second session, on Sunday 28th August at 2 pm. Visit the art-sauce website and book your place here Plein Air Life Drawing - Art Sauce (

Hope you can make it!

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