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Fusion – Autumn is here!

Blog by Peter Baird

With the passing of summer into autumn, our new exhibition “Fusion” is a perfect endorsement of outdoor art and how it can blend effortlessly into its environment. Bruce Garside’s blustering leaves create a sense of wind gusts that are just around the corner, and in the coming weeks, will mingle well with foliage from the garden, as it absconds and swirls to the earth.

Then Christopher Townsend’s stark tree, leafless, already in tune with autumn

and Wilbur Heynes’ life size figure, playfully disengaging from a tree, grabbing as you walk by.

Our three collaborators in this exhibition present us with a fusion of styles that complement each other while remaining unique in their own right.

Bruce Garside was the last apprentice blacksmith to be trained in the Hambleden Village forge, and has been working in metal for over 30 years.

Christopher Townsend graduated from Liverpool University in 1996, with a first-class combined honours degree in Fine Art and Psychology.

Wilbur Heynes has a degree in Fine Art from London Guildhall after training in Oxford, Bristol, and Florence.

All three are based in Oxfordshire.

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