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How to create magic

Recipe: Take one amazingly talented group of singers - Opera Anywhere

Take one leafy walled garden in the centre of Summertown - The Turrill

Take a warm summer's afternoon - Saturday 17th June

Take amazing luck with the weather - a light flurry of rain towards the end

followed by a perfect burst of sunshine on the final song

Take some ingenious puppets who created squeals of delight from children

and adults alike

Take a relaxed audienced with strawberries or late lunches

Then take the perfect magical opera - The Magic Flute

composed by the magician himself - Mozart

Swirl together with laughter and tears

Bake happily for 2 hours =

One Magical Afternoon!

If you want to find some magical ingredients yourself do come along next week to hear the wonderful folk group Jarisel make their magic too. Details on the Summer Music Festival Page.

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