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Christmas/Winter Selling Exhibition - Saturday 18th November 2023

The 2023 installation of our gazebo has transformed the garden, offering a new, attractive focal point. As you enter, the eye is drawn through the landscape to the cosy corner it creates,

And when we launch a new exhibition, as we did on Saturday 18th November, it provides an ideal stop-off point for warm fruit punch and sweet treats. Thankfully, the weather warmed up too, to a dry, mild 14 degrees, which encouraged our steady stream of guests to join us, and we were delighted to welcome Sam Stead, one of our exhibiting sculptors (pictured in brown coat) who has contributed two colourful powder coated abstract metal pieces, that sit at the far end of the garden.

Also on show and available to purchase in our Christmas/Winter Selling Exhibition are beautiful sandstone carvings of musicians by Isobel Knowland, and a lively marble fish by Anthony Lloyd. Meanwhile Ed Hill and Sara Myers, both recent exhibitors in the garden, have left legacy pieces from their earlier shows. Sally Dorrity has made a welcome return with a few of her distinctive colourful ceramic creations, including plant pots and an elegant bird bath. As you enter the garden from the library, two impish chicken-wire squirrels await, brought to us by Lucia Corrigan, and last but not least, at the back of the gazebo is the magnificent “Head”, by sculptor Anthony Lloyd

You could say there’s something here for everybody, but there’s not, we only have 30 pieces on display, any one (or two or three) of which would make an excellent and special gift for Christmas. So, if “something to delight in the garden” is on your office secret Santa list, or your favourite Auntie has asked for something to brighten up a corner of her backyard, you know where to look!

Our Christmas/Winter Selling Exhibition runs until March 30th 2024

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