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Spring Weather Conditions

Blog by Peter Baird

Photo by Luke Hodden on Unsplash

While outdoor sculpture can withstand most weather conditions, although we did have to squirrel away the smaller pieces on display at the Turrill a few weeks ago to avoid Storm Eunice, plant life is a little more fragile. With temperatures hitting the high teens only seven days ago, and gardens springing into life, we all probably thought that Spring had finally arrived and it would soon be time to start up the BBQs! Certainly the cherry tree, bluebells and grape hyacinths have got excited and started their displays, joining the Lenten roses already flowering over the last few weeks.

Nature is very resilient, more so than some people believe. The world around us will keep on moving through spring, even if it’s going to feel like winter a bit longer.

Let’s hope the spring flowers survive the wintry blasts.

At The Turrill Sculpture Garden, we will soon start our Spring and Summer projects, to enrich the environment and enhance the enjoyment our garden provides. We are already preparing for the Spring exhibition which will open in early May, we’re in discussion with a couple of external groups who have made suggestions for new features, and we will soon install an exciting new piece of furniture!

So, despite the chilling Northerly keeping us wrapped up for the next few days, it will soon really be Spring and we invite you to frequent The Turrill as often as possible, and enjoy our garden. It’s there for you and it’s free!


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