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Welcome to the Turrill Salsa Garden!

There was something about the intimate space, the steamy humidity and crowd’s desire to merengue at the first sound of a trumpet. Was this Brazilia during Carnival, or Summertown during The Turrill Sculpture Garden Summer Music Festival? No, it wasn’t Brazilia, but it could well have been. There was a real party atmosphere at the Turrill on Saturday 10th June, when we were brilliantly entertained by the magnificent Mambo Tropical. Number 2 in our programme of musical feasts throughout June. The weather was hot, the music lively and the crowd very energetic!

It's hard not to have fun with music like this, and even the most hardened stick-in-the-muds would soon feel their hips sway, after a few minutes in the company of this great seven-piece band, with their loyal and enthusiastic following. The garden virtually overflowed with Latin spirit and by the end of the two-hour set, everyone was up and salsa-ing in a colourful group appreciation of happy music. We should all spend time now and again with Mambo Tropical!

Join us next Saturday, 17th June, when we change the style, and welcome our local opera heroes, Opera Anywhere. Based near Abingdon, this wonderful company or professional and semi-professionals will present The Magic Flute. Opera Anywhere tours the Southern counties of England and performs in some of the most spectacular and interesting venues, often outdoors, so it’s doubly exciting that we have secured them for our Summer Music Festival.A treat not to be missed!

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