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Magically avoiding the rain

Magically avoiding the rain, Councillor Tom Landell Mills opened the new show “Trilogy” at The Turrill Sculpture Garden on Friday 30th July, to an invited audience of patrons and new friends of the Garden. A fine representation of artists, scholars, local hoteliers and businesses, enjoyed the private viewing of the exhibition which includes fused glass works from Chris Beckett, additional clay figures and busts by Louise Allison, and more wonderful carved stone by David Williams, all beautifully displayed amongst the foliage and shrubbery of the garden.

With the library in South Parade now open again on Tuesdays and until 4pm on Saturdays, there’s even more time available to visit the Garden, and enjoy art in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The exhibition runs from 31st July until 18th September

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