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The Art of Sustainability

If you were asked to create a piece of sustainable art, what materials would you use and what would you create?

There are many answers to that question of course; you may think to use only materials that are found in nature, like driftwood, plants, seashells, clay, sand, water or ice? Or you may choose to recycle plastic bottles, old electronic components, tyres, clothing, toys… or any of the stuff that ends up in landfill. Another option would be to explore beaches, hedgerows, public parks and open spaces and pick up any washed-up or discarded waste that hurts the environment.

The possible materials are endless. So what would you make? The fact that you have used a medium under the heading “sustainable” already sets the tone for the message behind your art. So do you then make an overt political statement, or do you create something that is sympathetic to the material and the environment, and leave it to the viewer to choose their interpretation?

And finally, what if the piece of art is a sculpture? The impact of the message would be powerful, a 3 dimensional declaration of something significant, vital, worth saying. Sculpture, like all art has the ability to bring out so many emotions, but if you wish to make a statement, to provoke a reaction, there is nothing more powerful than a piece of sustainable sculpture… whatever it’s made from!

(Don't forget the wonderful creations from Chris Beckett from recycled bottles, soon to be seen again in our Christmas show! See Fans below)

Ice sculpture Pixabay License

Recycled plastic flatlay Photo by dan lewis on Unsplash

Recycled drums Pixabay License

Reading Nest by Mark Reigelman -

Blog by Peter Baird

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